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ProGroup what to expect from kitchen design

What To Expect From Kitchen Designs This Year

The kitchen is used multiple times a day so why wouldn’t you want it to look as nice as possible for your multi-family unit? It’s a safe place for families to try new recipes or sit down and enjoy a meal. If your tenants are spending all this time in one room, you might as well design it in a way that will stand out for them because the better the kitchen, the higher the rent. Trends are always changing, so your kitchens should too. Need some inspiration? You’re in luck! We have the popular looks that are coming to kitchens everywhere this year.


Check out these top trends you should consider for your kitchen in 2019!


Kitchen Islands Are In

When you’re imagining a perfect kitchen, an island is a necessity. It used to be a small insignificant part of the kitchen, but more and more people are using them as the centerpiece. A simple island with a sink, some drawers and bare countertop is a huge trend we’re seeing this year. It can be the focal point of any kitchen. Put some chairs out and people can sit and relax.


Colors Trends to Watch Out For

Another huge trend are the color tones people are using. Instead of making all your cabinets one color, try using two. It may sound weird, but if you pick two complementary colors it can turn out absolutely beautiful. Not feeling adventurous enough for two colors? The next best thing would be sticking to the darker colors for your cabinets. White cabinets were popular for a while, but dark greens and blues are making a comeback in 2019. These darker colors show an elegance that lighter hues just can’t compete with.


Matte Black Is the New Black

While we’re on the subject of colors in the kitchen, it’s time that black made its own comeback. Not only black, but matte black. No more glossy microwaves and shiny fridges; matte is here to show you that sometimes all a kitchen needs is a simple, clean black to add some drama without completely darkening the area. It also gives a nice contrast to wooden floors or cabinets. White appliances are a thing in the past because 2019 is going back to black.

matte black kitchen design

Image from

Mixing Metals Is The Way to Go

Another option for the kitchen would be metals. Most appliances and a lot of different pots and pans are metal, but usually when decorating, people tend to stick to one type of metal and have everything match. A fun new idea would be to mix different types. Find a dominant metal that will be your base depending on the tone you want your kitchen to have and then add different types of metals as accents, just like you would with the kitchen’s color palette. Pewter and gunmetal together are a huge trend in kitchens right now.


Woodland Wonderland in the Kitchen

It’s time to become one with nature again by adding different pieces of wood into your kitchen designs. Wood can create a welcoming and calming environment and is a great material to use when trying to make a room seem lighter or airier. Whether you choose to go for wooden furniture or a hardwood floor, the space will seem more natural and peaceful rather than something such as metal or ceramic.


Natural Stone For a Natural Look

Not a fan of wood? There are other ways to make your kitchen seem more environmentally friendly. Natural stones used to be used mostly for countertops, but people are branching out. The stones are now being used as backsplashes instead of tile, but some even use it as the whole wall. The waterfall edge is very popular for table and counters now. The natural stone is the perfect creative way to create that edge and help your kitchen seem more welcoming, rather than a slick marble or cement.

natural stone kitchen design

Image from Pinterest user Julie Pryor

Open Shelving Closes Minimalism

An open concept area is a huge trend in decorating right now so it isn’t too surprising that open shelving are becoming quite popular as well. Replace the cabinets or drawers that are taking up room with metal, wood or glass shelving. This trend is replacing the minimalism type of decorating popular in the past. It encourages people to make a bold statement by showing their individuality and creative side, more so than hiding themselves behind a cabinet.


Concealed Storage Conceals the Clutter

Of course, some people still appreciate the minimalist trend, but the kitchen is an extremely hard room to live a minimalist lifestyle. An easy fix to this would be concealed storage spaces. A huge problem in most kitchens is the lack of space. It can get difficult to organize when the space you have is either not big enough or too narrow. Homeowners are looking to change this disorganized mess by using their cabinets a little differently than they used to. Pull out cabinets for spices, roll-out trays for pots and pans, draw dividers for utensils and even cabinets specifically designed to hold wastebaskets, are all ideas to help keep your kitchen not only more organized, but also more minimalistic.


Integrated Appliances Can Save a Kitchen

No longer do we need to see appliances on the counters of our kitchen. Smaller appliances have found a home being integrated into the kitchen space such as in cabinets or even the wall to save counter space and give the kitchen a sleek new look. Induction stovetops are becoming widely popular simply because of their simplistic design rather than a bulky gas stove. Inductions keep the counters looking even and clean whereas a gas stove sticks out and is eye-catching.


Smart Kitchens Are Taking Over

With today’s technological advancements, it’s no surprise the kitchen has found ways to improve everyday living within its walls. Something as simple as a smart fridge can make all the difference; It has Wi-Fi and interior cameras that allows you to look up recipes and see what’s in the fridge without even opening the door. Faucets that are motion sensors, so you don’t have to touch a knob, or even espresso makers that can have your coffee ready before you even get out of bed, are all designed to make your life easier and your kitchen a fun comforting environment where you can go to unwind after a long work day.

smart kitchen managed from phone

Image from

So, there you have it! A list of popular trends happening in kitchens everywhere that you should consider adding to your multi-family units. The kitchen is the room most guests will see when they enter a unit, so as a property manager it’s a good idea to try and make it as comfortable and welcoming as possible, attracting more people to your units. Hopefully these trends can help you make a dream kitchen come to life for your tenants.


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