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ProGroup’s Video Blogs bring to life the personality behind our brand. With episodes of our company team Vlog’s: Life With Lauren, Sarah’s Style and Matt’s Maintenance, you will get a personalized, inside look at the day-to-day of ProGroup’s staff, activities, events and tutorials. Take a virtual tour of what it’s like behind the scenes and how we operate!

Selling Your Home in the Spring: A Seasoned Guide

Thinking about selling your home? Well, it's proven: springtime is the best time to do so. This time of year ...
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Renovating a Historic Building for A Business

Renovating a historic building is a great idea when trying to create a charming space for your business. With this ...
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Life with Lauren: Interview With Team USA Bobsled Member, Frankie Del Duca

In this episode of Life with Lauren, Team USA Bobsled Member, Frankie Del Duca, stops by our office for an ...
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/ Life With Lauren, VLog

Renovating During business Hours

Renovating your business can be a challenge. Closing your doors to get it all done can have a big impact ...
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Sarah’s Style: Creating a Gift Basket

In this episode of Sarah's Style, Sarah takes us out on a shopping trip to gather things needed to create ...
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/ Sarah's Style, VLog

Winter-Proofing Your Commercial Property

Winter is coming, which means it's time to winterize! Failing to properly winterize your commercial property could result in headaches ...
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/ Commercial Projects, VLog, Winterizing

Graffiti Removal How-To

Graffiti, originating from the Greek would graphein meaning 'to write,' ranges today in color, content, and reason. But sometimes, graffiti ...
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/ Renovation Tips and Tricks, VLog

How Best To Handle Drywall Repairs and Installations

DIY may seem fun, but when it comes to drywall, it may not be your best option. Repairs and installations ...
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/ Renovation Tips and Tricks, VLog

Matt’s Maintenance: Window Cleaning

In this episode of Matt's Maintenance, Matt tackles the household chore of window cleaning. He provides his recommendations on window ...
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/ Matt's Maintenance, VLog

The Top Reasons Neutral Walls Are The Way To Go

Choosing the wrong color scheme for your home’s interior can lead to instant regret. Avoid this disappointment and frustration by ...
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/ Painting Tips & Tricks, VLog

Matt’s Maintenance: Pool Management 101

Summer is here and Matt will help you get your swimming pool ready for the season! First of all, decide ...
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/ Matt's Maintenance, VLog

Why You Should Hire a Painting Contractor

Looking to repaint a few rooms in your house? Are you opening a new business and need it to be ...
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