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must know hotel renovation tips

5 Must-Know Renovation Tips to Keep Your Hotel Looking Fresh

The hospitality industry is structured to meet customer needs at all operational levels. Keeping up with the changing dynamics and ...
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Renovating your Hotel? How to Calculate Your Costs

Hotel renovations are one of the most important necessities of your business, especially considering how often they are needed and ...
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hotel repainting

Time to Repaint Your Hotel? Things To Consider When Repainting

There comes a time when your hotel needs to be repainted. You might be in the best location, but if ...
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Renovating Your Retail Store? What You Should Consider

Your retail store should always look fresh and new so that it will look inviting to customers. Every retailer has ...
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7 retail remodeling ideas

The 7 Retail Store Remodeling Ideas That Will Impress Your Shoppers

Shopping has now become all about the experience. It is important to keep up with what shoppers want, but this ...
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key steps for hotel renovation

We Reveal The 6 Key Steps To Prepare For Hotel Renovation

Renovating your hotel can be a challenging process that involves multiple steps, requiring significant investment and time. At the same ...
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tips for a successful retail renovation

6 Tips to Prepare for a Successful Retail Renovation

So, you’ve decided to renovate your retail store. We know it’s a big step, that requires figuring out a lot ...
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maintain your hotel occupancy

How To Maintain Your Hotel’s Occupancy Through All Seasons

Maintain your hotel's occupancy through all seasons with renovation If you’re in the hospitality business, you know the industry comes ...
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Top 5 Flooring Trends of 2019

There are so many choices when it comes to choosing flooring, don't you think? It can be quite overwhelming. Finding ...
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5 Painting Surfaces, 5 Painting Tips

With the spring season in full bloom, the urge to make some changes stirs in all of us, hence the ...
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A commercial building in need of a repaint job.

5 Definite Signs Your Commercial Property Needs Repainting

Everything You Need to Know About Spring Commercial Repainting & Rebranding Commercial property renovations help businesses achieve financial success. You ...
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White and turquoise open interior commercial room.

Tips for Using Turquoise in Commercial Design

Expert Interior & Exterior Turquoise Design Practices Spring is an opportune time for new beginnings. When creating your spring “to-dos” ...
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