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Top Winter Renovation Myths: Debunked

Lately, there’s been a lot of chatter about winter renovations.  It’s hard to decipher the dos and don’ts, the how-tos and the what-ifs of it all. With so many online resources on renovating, how can we tell what’s truth and what’s myth?

When in doubt, take it from the professionals.  We’re here to bust the most common myths about winter renovations. Read along to find out what’s fact and what’s fiction in regard to your property this season.


Myth #1:

Winter Renovations Are Time Consuming

Let’s be clear, if you decide to renovate your property with a large addition in the dead of winter, then yes, it will probably take you a while. But, if you save some strategic, lingering projects until the slower winter months, it usually gets done quickly. The demand for renovations is down and you and your team can hyper focus on a few smaller projects.


Myth #2:

Winter Renovations are Unsafe

If you prepare accordingly, winter renovations have the same minimal risk factors as other times of the year. Just make sure to look ahead at the weather and take precautions like clearing your driveway of snow and ice and keeping properties warm.


Myth #3

You Don’t Need to Plan EVERYTHING

Just because your renovation is smaller, doesn’t mean you should assume that everything will go perfectly smooth. There should be no detail left unplanned. Account for potential weather, delays, closures of certain areas of your property, etc., so you can stay within your time and budget restrictions.


Myth #4

Winter Renovations Are Expensive

Winter renovations will cost you the same, if not less, than renovating during warmer times of the year.  Winter renovations are not always in demand and are a considerably less busy time for contracting companies, so aside from great prices, you’re more likely to get the availability you need.


We hope these myth busters warmed you up to the idea of renovating this season. Still feeling chilly? Don’t let your commercial property go cold. Warm it up with some of our favorite tips.