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The Most Common Commercial Renovation Mistakes

As a property owner, you choose your investments wisely. In the end, you need your investment to be worth it. Especially with an investment like renovations, lack of proper preparation, knowledge and careful consideration can mean your investment was a waste.

Some of the biggest commercial renovation mistakes we see end up being timely, costly and often time preventable. Before you invest in your property make sure to cover all your bases. This list of the biggest (and most common) renovation mistakes will help you ensure your project of any size is successful.


  1. You Didn’t Consult Your Staff

Most commercial properties, such as multi-family homes, office buildings, senior living facilities, etc., all include staff. These are the people who spend the most time in your property and are most aware of any flaws or room for improvement. Make sure to consult your staff before any large renovation project to gather ideas, try to relieve any property pain points and ensure their concerns are heard. If they feel your investment has been placed inappropriately, it may cause issues in the work environment.


  1. You’re Unprepared

Preparation is the single most important aspect of any renovation.  We see the most money and time lost from lack of preparation. Prepare for weather, time delays, unexpected costs, closures and even complaints.


  1. You’ve Waited Too Long

Don’t take too long waiting for the “right” moment to begin your renovation. Of course, you can take this statement with a grain of salt.  There are some situations like cost or weather that can cause a delay in the start of a project.  But if a necessary renovation is delayed too long, we often find it takes more time and money to complete. If it needs to be done, make it a priority.


  1. You Focused on Appearances

How your property looks is only a small piece of why renovations are necessary. If you only focus on the visual appeal and not the practicality, you’re likely to end up needing a second renovation soon after. Don’t just consider what you want, but what your property needs.


  1. You Hired the Wrong Contracting Company

Being in a rush or having a tight budget isn’t an excuse to hire a less than satisfactory contracting company. Do your research, make sure they’re the right fit and ask important questions before you take the leap.  Hiring ProGroup Contracting for your commercial renovation means you’ll get the best professional service within the timeframe and budget you’re looking for. Contact us today to talk about your renovation project.


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