ProGroup Contracting is dedicated to providing the highest quality painting work with the best possible service to our customers. With ProGroup Contracting, you get a quality experience that is unique in the painting business — and you get that experience at competitive prices.
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Steve Emerson, Business Partner – The Norfolk Companies

When we work with ProGroup Contracting, we never have to worry about if we are going to get a response throughout the project or are going to be able to get ahold of someone from the company. Read more “Steve Emerson, Business Partner – The Norfolk Companies”

Tom Murphy, Property Manager – Hanover Woods Apartments

I chose to go with ProGroup Contracting because of the quality of their work and the fair pricing. Read more “Tom Murphy, Property Manager – Hanover Woods Apartments”

Tom Murphy, Property Manager

Patrick Holland, Mediate Management Company

I continue to work with ProGroup Contracting because to me, it always comes down to quality of work and fairness in price, and I know I am getting both when I work with ProGroup Contracting. Read more “Patrick Holland, Mediate Management Company”

Steve Hornsby, HM Management

I’ve heard a lot of good things about ProGroup. I like the customer service and quality of work that they provide. Read more “Steve Hornsby, HM Management”

Steve Hornsby

Neilie Sequeira, Wingate Companies

Their customer service and the variety of services offered make ProGroup stand out from the competition. Read more “Neilie Sequeira, Wingate Companies”

Neilie Sequeira

Paul Neuman, Springhouse Pond

ProGroup is very professional, they always show up when they say they will. We have a very good working relationship with them. Read more “Paul Neuman, Springhouse Pond”

Paul Neuman
Springhouse Pond

Peter Calabrese, Property Manager Brixmor Property Group

The entire team is very responsive to the customer’s needs. They are one of the best contractors I have ever worked with, and not only do they provide great service, they stand behind their work! Read more “Peter Calabrese, Property Manager Brixmor Property Group”

Peter Calabrese

Renee Godet, Watertown Boys & Girls Club

I decided to use ProGroup for our project because they came highly referred to me from a trusted source. I was very impressed with their professionalism and customer service. Read more “Renee Godet, Watertown Boys & Girls Club”

Dan Rivers, Division President – G&G Management

The reason we chose ProGroup Contracting is that they’ve always done good work, good responsiveness. They took care of our needs and if there were any issues, they hopped right on things and took care of it. Read more “Dan Rivers, Division President – G&G Management”

Dan Rivers, Division President
G&G Management

Alicia Mosesso, Kendall Square Association

ProGroup Contracting was very responsive to our questions and emails, and was flexible in accommodating our project as the hours we requested to meet and execute the project were skewed. ProGroup Contracting came across as very experienced and very professional. Read more “Alicia Mosesso, Kendall Square Association”

Gerard Kolodejcak Jr., Ashley Furniture HomeStore

I always know the work will get done quickly the first time, and I trust that if ProGroup makes a recommendation, that they have my best interests in mind. I continue to work with ProGroup Contracting because there is less hassle, fair pricing, integrity I can count on and high quality work!
Read more “Gerard Kolodejcak Jr., Ashley Furniture HomeStore”

Gerard Kolodejcak Jr.

David Barrett, RCM Services

What makes ProGroup Contracting stand out from the competition is that ProGroup has a strong communication practice and keeps you notified of the status of the project throughout the process. This is extremely helpful for property managers who answer to ownership. Read more “David Barrett, RCM Services”

David Barrett

Casey Jones, GolfTec

Their transparency and ease of making changes on the fly is what motivates me to continue working with ProGroup Contracting. Read more “Casey Jones, GolfTec”

Casey Jones