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Tom Curran, Homeowner – Lakeville, MA

Tom Curran, Homeowner – Lakeville, MA

We’ve lived here in Lakeville since 2001 and over the course of 15 years, there’s a lot of wear and tear that happens to a house. So when I called Progroup I had a set of different things that I needed address and I needed an estimate that I thought would be fair when I shopped it against some of their competitors.

So I called Progroup and needed my farmers porch painted, I needed siding replaced and fixed, and I needed rake boards up at the top of our house that hadn’t been really well-installed completely redone.

What made me decide on Progroup was the level of communication and the fact that I felt as if their ability to get their job done on time and professionally was high-rate.

They gave me a quick estimate that was under what their competitors were. Additionally and most importantly though, their communication and professionalism at every step made the difference.

When I called, they came out. After I got the estimate, they called again to see if I had any questions. They emailed me to make sure that I was on things, to make sure that I knew that they were on things.

We got a great paint job on the front farmers porch. We got those wiffle balls, smashes and dents and cracks done, and we also got those rake boards fixed and the area under our slider that had worn away.

So why without reservation recommend Progroup? The main reason: they’re gonna be on it and you know they’re gonna be on it.