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Diane Nanfelt, Homeowner – Lakeville, MA

Diane Nanfelt, Homeowner – Lakeville, MA

My name is Diane Nanfelt, and I hired ProGroup Contracting to paint the exterior of my home. I am friendly with the owner, Dave Moura, and the VP of Marketing, Courtney Tamulevich, and wanted to give them my business. Matt Girard came to check out the job and gave me a quote. He was very helpful, professional, patient and honest. I found that Matt was quick to reply to my request for a quote and willing to accommodate my schedule. His quote also came back in a timely fashion and his estimate on when painting could realistically begin and how long the job would take was spot on.  I then got a second quote from another company and there was no comparison in price.

ProGroup Contracting is reasonable in pricing and worth every dollar in quality. Often times, in dealing with other home improvement businesses, promises of price, start date and length of a project have been considerably off. I have ended up frustrated and disappointed with workers and the job itself. Not this time! My entire project was handled honestly and professionally without me feeling pressure to choose ProGroup in any way. It was a pleasant change of pace! I actually didn’t agree to terms immediately because I decided to wait before beginning my project. Again, no annoying follow up calls pressuring me into a decision before I was ready, and the price of my quote didn’t change! To me, that is unprecedented in today’s competitive market! Bravo to the field crew that worked on my home. Ruben Arruda was a gem. He, along with the other painters, were clean, polite, professional and very informative with all my questions I had about painting my home. Ruben led his team with confidence and a cool calmness that was, again, a pleasant change of pace. The only thing I can think of to improve in the future is offering painting for free! Just kidding…