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David Barrett, RCM Services

David Barrett, RCM Services

My name is David Barrett, and I am the President of RCM Services. My company provides janitorial painting, maintenance, light construction and turnover services. I use ProGroup for projects such as exterior painting, gutter repair and EIFS repair. ProGroup has a very diverse range of services; This provides me with a go-to company to perform projects on our properties that we cannot handle in-house and allows me to provide a resource to my clients for jobs we do not handle.

ProGroup has exceeded my expectations by being very flexible with the timing of projects I have used them on. One example is a vinyl siding project that I needed to start right away due to a permit sign-off deadline. ProGroup started and finished the project with short lead/work time for us.

What makes ProGroup Contracting stand out from the competition is that ProGroup has a strong communication practice and keeps you notified of the status of the project throughout the process. This is extremely helpful for property managers who answer to ownership. With most contractors, you have to “hunt them down” for a status report.

I know Brian Shimkus, my sales rep, from the industry, as he is present at a lot of networking events and has made many friends in the industry. Brian is a great sales manager and is very attentive to our needs. Also, all the staff at ProGroup I have encountered have been great to deal with. I have always had a great experience with the estimating team. Appointments are scheduled in advance and ProGroup has been very accommodating to scheduling conflicts. The field crews have always been very cordial and communicate very well, every step of the way throughout the project.