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Tips for a Successful Hotel Renovation

The hotel industry is always striving to meet consumer demands as much as they can, all while maintaining the best rates. However, living in the 21st century, everything is fast-paced,  and life is like a race. Over the last decade, hotel renovation has become one of the most trusted methods to compete in the hospitality industry.

It’s a requirement for hotel owners to maintain a certain standard for both their service and appearance. Hospitality renovation is a great marketing tactic for a hotel to increase its customer base. And while all of this is a sure way to get more customers, it’s easier said than done.

A hotel renovation is a demanding process that involves many steps and a considerable amount of labor. However, the results are rewarding and hotel owners should seriously consider a hospitality renovation to keep their customers coming back.

If you are a hotel owner and you’ve been thinking of modernizing your hotel, you’ve clicked on the right article.  Making sure your hotel looks clean and fresh is now essential to surviving in the ever-competitive hotel industry. Take a look here, for the must-know renovation tips to keep your hotel clean and fresh.


Tip Number 1: Plan Ahead

The first tip to get started on your hospitality renovation project is the planning. What better way to prepare than defining a budget? Establishing a budget is very important as it will specify the dos and don’ts for the best outcomes. While setting a budget, you must allocate at least 5-20% of the budget for uncertain issues.

Furthermore, adding visual changes to the hotel can be fruitful, as in changing the paint finish or the wallpaper whichever you desire and feel is necessary. The changes you choose to make will have a direct impact on the ambiance of your hotel. The ambiance is the character or atmosphere of a place and is the first thing your customers will notice when they enter through the doors. Therefore, it’s crucial to spend time planning the décor and budget.


Tip Number 2: Conduct an Informal Survey

It’s always better to research than go blindly into a project such as this. Therefore, you should consider a full-scale survey before you start renovating your hotel. The survey may include questions about the lobby, rooms, swimming pool, gymnasium, and other high traffic areas. Input from guests can help you understand their needs, and help create a functional but welcoming environment.

All in all, it will make your vision clear towards your target audience and will generate better results if your customers are happy.


Tip Number 3: Keeping Changes to A Minimum

Now just because you’re renovating your hotel doesn’t mean you need to break the bank. Keeping the changes as minimal as possible will allow you to spend your budget on the vital areas.  Areas include expanding or adding a new profit generator to the hotel.

If your budget doesn’t allow major renovations, plans to expand your business can still occur. You need to play your cards right: expand on your strengths and use surveys to determine which areas need the most attention. Essentially, acting smart and productive with the budget is the key. Focus on the things that your customers are most concerned with and of course, structural changes should be a priority. Keep in mind that even a few cosmetic updates can go a long way in refreshing the look and feel of a room.


Tip Number 4: Communicate and Stay Involved

When it comes to hotel renovation, it’s evident that you’re going to hire a contractor. Hire a contractor that includes you in all decisions throughout the project renovation. It may be helpful to share the previously conducted survey along with feedback from your staff when communicating with the contractor. Involve your contractor in your plans and devise a method through which you can stay up-to-date with everything that is happening.

Lastly, try to remain as respectful as you can in communicating with others; you’ll make a name for yourself and your hotel.


Tip Number 5: Investing in Revenue Generators

You must also be looking for a more profitable renovation outcome if you have been planning to renovate your hotel. For this, you must purposely invest in the revenue stream of the business to multiply your profits. For instance, if your hotel hosts good restaurants, you may consider expanding your restaurant’s dine-in and kitchen areas. Or if your clientele tends to use your hotel’s recreational space a renovation in this area may be worth investing in.


One of the foolproof ways of increasing profits from the hospitality business is hotel renovation. By changing and, more importantly, upgrading your ambiance, you can make your hotel more profitable. Your hotel renovation will help you attract more clients and improve your brand to make a lasting impression. Lastly, remember to stick to your budget but always have a back-up plan for the unexpected to occur.