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Southcoast Redevelopment

Is Your Neighborhood Solution To Selling Any Property!

Our Mission

At Southcoast Redevelopment, our goal is to invest in local neighborhoods by purchasing, remodeling and re-selling properties, with the purpose of increasing the overall value & presence of the surrounding areas.

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How We Can Help You


Southcoast Redevelopment invests in distressed, foreclosed, bank-owned and other residential properties that need to be sold quickly.  We take the pressure off Property Owners who are currently selling or possibly thinking to sell, by offering seamless & accelerated transactions – and with cash!

What We Will Buy

Short Sales

Vacant Homes

Foreclosed Homes

Homes In Need Of Desperate Remodel

Bank-Owned Homes

Homes That Need To Sell Quick!

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How We Make Your Life Easier

CASH Payment – We’ll give you cash for your property!

No Need to Remodel to Sell – Sell your home to us “as is.”

No Middle Man – No Need to search for a Realtor!

Speedy Transactions – Our buying process is quick and easy!

See Our Before And After Projects

Southcoast Redevelopment uses an approach unlike any in the industry by streamlining the process of moving properties within the real estate world from the time of purchase, to the time of resale.  With the help of our sister companies, ProGroup Contracting and Coldwell Banker ProGroup Realtors ®, Southcoast Redevelopment is able to purchase, remodel and sell any property under one roof.

Whether an Owner is having difficulty selling, does not have the funds to make necessary home improvements or just simply wants to make a quick move between properties, Southcoast Redevelopment can help!


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