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Roof Coating Services Now Available at ProGroup Contracting

Roof coating services are now available at ProGroup Contracting, the building maintenance serviceproviders recently announced. The company, which provides licensed and bonded technicians for a variety of facilities management and building maintenance services, recently added roof coating services to its expanding list of services offerings. Jason Pinto, Vice President of Sales at ProGroup Contracting said, “You don’t have to replace an entire roof just because there are some small areas of damage or even more noticeable wear and tear. The roof coating services that we offer result in a long-lasting surface made from the highest quality products. “

ProGroup Contracting currently offers roof coating services for both commercial and industrial buildings. No matter what kind of building it is, experts recommend regular monitoring of your “roof health” through routine inspections and regular cleaning. Pinto added, “Your roof is one place where you can’t just ignore problems when they occur. A healthy roof is a necessity for a healthy building, so we recommend scheduling an inspection if it has been a while since you’ve had one done.” Routine inspections are recommended at least once or twice a year depending on the overall condition of the building and environmental conditions that it is exposed to on a regular basis.

Roof coating services don’t just keep a roof in excellent condition; they can also dramatically increase the value of your building. The roof coating experts at the ProGroup Contracting agree that you shouldn’t wait until there is extensive damage to fix a leaky or worn roof, as a roof coating and restoration service can fix problems before they become too big to handle, and can make a roof look brand new without major construction.

ProGroup Contracting has more than 15 years experience partnering with professional organizations and values the needs of business owners who require facilities management services with minimal disruptions to their daily business operations. Headquartered in Middleboro, Massachusetts, ProGroup Contracting Partners include thin brick providers Ambrico, the expert painting professionals from ProGroup Painters, and the Storage Business Owners Alliance, the leading national alliance of self storage owners and operators. For more information, please visit