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Refresh Your Home’s Exterior With Shutters & Window Boxes

There are more ways to update the look of your home’s exterior without completely repainting or re-roofing. Debbie & Snowy from New England Home & Garden have the perfect weekend project ideas to refresh your home for spring!

Charm and sophistication. We know our homes should have at least one of these qualities, but how do we achieve either? A simple answer is to place finishing touches on your home’s exterior by adding shutters and window boxes. Both are relatively simple to install and create instant appeal.

Now that spring is upon us, it is time to think about refreshing your home and making it uniquely your own. The houses below offer inspiration to get you started.

Pairing Shutters With Classic Architecture

Homes with classic or formal architecture look majestic with the right shutters and choosing a color and style suited to your aesthetics will set your home apart.

Images courtesy of: Town Pool & Ansley Atlanta

The most notable thing about the houses above is the welcoming color of the shutters. The Nantucket house on the left sports beachy blue shutters that are perfect for island life, while the Atlanta house on the right features purple blue shutters that contrast with the formal architecture. In both cases, the shutters create a unique statement and elevate the architecture.


Image courtesy of: K. Lewis Design; photography Nancy Nolan for At Home Arkansas & Houzz

Oversized board and batten shutters in a pretty grey soften the new construction of the house on the left. It’s best to custom make board and batten shutters so they are perfectly proportioned to your windows or doors. The shutters on the right are formal in both style and color and are a good choice for brick architecture. Whichever style you choose, shutters add depth and a finishing touch that will enhance any home.

Shutter Styles for Classic or Formal Architecture

Image courtesy of: Creative Little Bedroom

You can purchase shutters from home supply stores or have them custom made by your contractor. Read more about shutter styles here.

Pairing Shutters With Cottage Style Architecture

Some houses, like cottages, beg for shutters. You can often be more whimsical with cottage architecture and tell your unique story through color and style.

Images courtesy of: Blonde Find & Completely Coastal

Image courtesy of: Completely Coastal

The shutters above are custom made to fit this tiny home. A contractor can help you create shutters that are just right for your home.

Cut-Out Shutters for Cottages

Put a personal stamp on your cottage by installing cut-out shutters. You don’t have to live at the beach to make use of this style, though you often find these shutters on coastal homes. By choosing a motif that reflects the interests of you and your family, you’ll add charm and individuality to your home.

Images courtesy of: Seaport Shutter Arcat

Image courtesy of: Etsy


Your imagination is the limit when choosing a design for cut-out shutters.


Window Boxes for Formal and Informal Houses

Whether you live in a mansion, a cottage or a townhouse in the city, window boxes make a home inviting. They have the added benefit of allowing you to create a miniature landscape that you can change seasonally. The homes below are decked out for spring and summer.

Right image courtesy of: Patrick Ahearn Architect

Left image courtesy of: Seasons Gifts & Home

Begin telling the story of your home and family by adding finishing touches that reflect your unique style. Incorporating shutters and window boxes will create depth to your home’s exterior and adds the personal touch that says your home is well-loved. That’s what we call charm.

For more ideas on how to put your unique stamp on a home, see how you can create doors that pop!

About the Authors

As West Coast transplants, Debbie Green and Snowy Eischen met by happenstance in their small Massachusetts town and discovered they had a lot in common, including a vibrant family life, and a mutual love of creating beautiful homes and gardens. The seeds of their blog, New England Home and Garden: Family Life Through the Seasons were planted when they began attending antique fairs, show houses, open gardens, and planning unique and creative parties for families in their village. They’re passionate about photography, styling, and home staging, all with New England flair!