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behind the brush ladder safety

Behind the Brush: Ladder Safety

Josh from ProGroup Contracting is here to talk to us about ladder safety.

Tip #1: Choose the right ladder

Check your ladder’s duty rating before using it. There is a difference between step ladders, straight ladders, or extension ladders.

Tip #2: Inspect ladders before every use

Check for cracks, loose or slippery rungs, split side rails, or worn shoes. Make sure the rung locks are working correctly and that the ladder is removed or marked as unusable if it does not pass inspection.

Tip #3: Make sure you are using the correct ladder set up

Make sure the ladder is set up on a dry, level surface. Make sure it is also set at a proper angle to avoid “slip-out”. The angle should be one foot for every four feet of height. If using an extension ladder, make sure it extenders three feet past the roof edge.

Tip # 4: Make sure you are using the ladder correctly

Use a tool belt to transport items up a ladder. Secure your paint to the ladder to keep a hand-free hold. Always face the ladder and maintain a three-point contact when climbing or painting. Don’t reach off the side or lean away from the ladder, as it can become unstable. Keep the buckle of your belt at the center of the ladder at all times. Do not work off the top 3 rungs of an extension ladder or from the top step of a step ladder.

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