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The title gather renovation ideas from these shows in front of a portrait of an interior living room

Gather Renovation Ideas From These Shows

Renovation inspiration can strike at any time. But, it never seems to strike when we need it to. That’s when we outsource, to draw inspiration from experts, communities and the digital world. Scrolling through Pinterest can be overwhelming and lack the details you need to realistically get the job done.


This is why we’re fans of good old fashioned home renovation TV shows. These TV shows will not only give you the inspiration you need to spark incredible change, but will give you an insight into the steps, time, tools and budget you’ll need to get the job done. We’re sharing our favorite renovation shows that stay up-to-date on trends and give you a realistic look into the process.


  1. Reno my Reno

best renovation shows

Courtesy of Reno My Reno

We love this show (now available on Netflix) for two big reasons. Not only do they show viewers what they should be doing, but what they shouldn’t. Host Dave Depencier comes to the rescue in each episode to help renovators that are in too deep. Watch as they highlight some of the most common renovation mistakes, while showing you the best ways to fix them.


  1.  This Old House

best renovation shows

Courtesy of This Old House

This DIY/Renovation classic has been on the air since 1979, but it just keeps getting better with age. This Old House is home improvement basics gold, with some of the best experts in the industry sharing no-frills skills to aid in an array of projects. You’ll appreciate the realistic concepts and educational backbone.

  1. Hometime

best renovation shows

Courtesy of Hometime

Hometime is a classic for the DIY renovators. It’s the longest running home improvement show on television, geared towards making your DIY projects a lot simpler. Watch this show if you need tips on your smaller projects, or just need some inspiration on what to do with your current space.


  1. Fixer Upper

best renovation show

Courtesy of Fixer Upper

Aside from being informational and creative, this show is pure entertainment. Chip and Joanna Gaines are couple gold and can tackle any renovation. This design team of your dreams will give you all of the inspiration you need to complete projects you didn’t even know you needed to complete. If you’re antsy for something different, tune into Fixer Upper–you’ll be binge watching it in no time.


  1. HouseImprovements

best renovation shows

Courtesy of HouseImprovements

This YouTube series is a great go-to when you’re looking to tackle a specific project. HouseImprovements is based on one simple concept: How-to. This is perfect for all types of renovators, including those who need more information on a specific step, or someone who is new to the renovation world. Quick tips are the key to its success.


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