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flooring trends 2018

Flooring Trends 2018: Blending Rustic and Modern for Your Commercial Property

If you’re looking to update your floors, you’re in luck. Due to emerging technology and eco-friendly solutions, this year’s flooring trends are more diverse than ever before. From waterproof vinyl planks to shiplap and farmhouse-style flooring, there is something fitting for any space in your commercial property. With natural elements, fun patterns and handpicked textures, flooring trends 2018 will not disappoint. Let’s look at some of our favorite options.


Wood Imitation Flooring

flooring trends 2018 wood imitation

courtesy of Yorkshire Tile Company

Why not just buy the real thing? Well, hardwood floors can be expensive, and depending on where you’re installing them, they can be ruined by leaks and moisture. It’s 2018 and faux wood is in! Tile and engineered vinyl planks are your best bet at wood imitation flooring. Most noteworthy, both options are waterproof, which makes them perfect for kitchens, bathrooms,and basements. Also, they are both more affordable than real hardwood, much easier to install and offer a more modern selection of styles.

Tile: Improved technology allows tile to imitate wood seamlessly with new colors and styles that blend rustic and contemporary trends.

Vinyl Planks: Due to their seemingly real texture and ability to imitate multiple surfaces like stone, hardwood and tile, vinyl planks are also a breakout trend in 2018. Don’t worry about difficult installment, vinyl planks can go over any surface.


Eco-friendly Flooring

eco-friendly tile flooring trends 2018

courtesy of The Spruce

In 2018, commercial property owners are more curious as to where their flooring is coming from and how it affects the environment. So, with increased modern innovation, there are some stellar eco-friendly flooring trends that can transform the look of a commercial property, whether it be an apartment, restaurant, or retail environment.

Glass Tiles: These unique looking tiles are made from recycled wine and beer bottles. Glass won’t mold or mildew in damp environments and is very easy to clean and maintain. Because of its reflective nature, glass tiles will bring light to spaces that need it.

Concrete: This stand-out eco-friendly option is gaining in popularity. It sounds strange, but concrete can be a sleek option these days. Concrete works well in a modern design palette. It will last forever, it’s durable and easy to clean.

Reclaimed hardwood flooring: Reclaimed hardwood can mean a couple different things. Either the wood is certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), which means that the wood is coming from forests that are strictly managed with standards of sustainability, or the wood is reused from trees that were cut down a long time ago. Reclaimed hardwood is a perfect option for commercial properties attempting a rustic feel, such as inns, prep schools, and restaurants.


Shiplap and Farmhouse-style Flooring

shiplap flooring trends 2018

courtesy of Stonewood Products

With emerging digital technology flooding the airwaves, sometimes it’s nice to step back and enjoy the simpler things. Enter shiplap flooring. Shiplap is a type of wooden board that looks like it is off an old barn. Its overlapping ends make for excellent weather protection and allows it to move naturally throughout the seasons as humidity levels change.

Shiplap usually involves inexpensive wood, like milled pine. Utilize it on walls and floors alike. It’s also popular because it embodies the farmhouse look people love. Painting  it and fit with a contemporary look as well.

Whatever look you’re going for in 2018, remember that there are many emerging styles of flooring on the market these days. Advanced technology now allows spaces of all kinds to look rustic or contemporary. Don’t be afraid to transform your commercial property into something even more special.



If you’re feeling inspired by 2018’s trends and want help transforming the floors in your commercial space, take a look at how our professional team can help.