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Doors That Pop: Using Color to Create Eye-Catching Entryways

Looking to add a special touch to your home? Let the ladies from New England Home and Garden give you a quick lesson in eye-catching entries!

Does your home’s exterior lack pizazz? Read on for a quick and easy fix.

What’s the easiest and least expensive way to give your house a facelift? Create a beautiful, eye-catching entry! We have put together tips on how you can use color to make your front entry, or even your garage, pop.

Attention Grabbing

The exterior of every house needs a focal point, and logically, that point should be the front entry. Focal points draw our eye and attention to a destination. They signal, “look here,” and just as importantly, they direct visitors to your front entrance.


Painting your front entry so that it pops, can feel less risky than painting an entire house. A door is a relatively small space, but it’s an important feature because it sets the tone for your home, and also signals the energy and personality of its inhabitants. When deciding what color to paint your entry, follow your heart and choose what you love.

Fun fact: Colors have many symbolic associations, and often impact our emotions. They can energize, soothe and even make us hungry. It’s fun to research the meanings of various colors. You may be surprised by the positive (and negative) traits associated with each hue. Feng Shui has become very popular in recent years, and it offers insight into how to use color to affect the flow of energy in our homes.


The Blues


Blue is universally popular and blends easily with most house colors. It symbolizes wisdom, trust, independence and many other positive traits. A number of things can inspire you in selecting the perfect blue, such as a robin’s egg, a Tiffany jewelry box or the tropical sea.

A Pop of Red


This emotionally intense color is associated with energy, power, and passion. Red is exciting by nature, which makes it an excellent choice for making your door stand out. Red hues have blue, yellow, or brown undertones, so ask your color specialist which shade works best with your house color.




Coral, duck egg and soft yellow are great choices for doors because they complement many house colors, from white to weathered shingle. Pastels are soothing and evoke openness and relaxation. However, pastels aren’t just for cottages or seaside abodes. They work with all architectural styles.


Going Dutch


These unique and wonderful doors are increasingly popular, and adapt nicely to a wide variety of architectural styles, from farmhouse to modern. They have a neighborly feel and can be good choices for exterior kitchen doors or garage side entries, and with a splash of paint, they really pop.

Unique Finishes


A can of paint can do wonders, but specialty finishes work miracles. This door on a Beacon Hill home has been lacquered to a high gloss finish. It’s a luxurious and elegant look, that is appropriate for modern as well as classic architecture. Ask your paint professional how to achieve this unique finish.

Don’t Forget the Garage


Garage doors can add so much character to your home, and with the wide range of styles available, you’ll be sure to find something to match your home’s personality. Often, front entry and garage doors are painted the same color. If your garage is detached or hidden from the front entry, feel free to choose a different paint color.

Eyebrow Trellis


An architectural enhancement is an excellent way to elevate your garage. If your house is a straight front colonial or ranch, an eyebrow trellis offers relief from a boxy exterior. You can paint the trellis the same color as the trim of your house, leave it natural or select an accent color.

Eyebrow trellises add horizontal dimension to tall elevations, making a vertical facade seem less imposing.

Don’t Forget Decorative Touches


Now that you’ve painted or lacquered your door, add finishing touches, such as a metal door knocker or hardware that will match the style of your home. Invest in quality pots or urns for planting seasonal arrangements. At New England Home and Garden’s “Gardens~Containers~Window Boxes” Pinterest board, you’ll find plenty of inspiration to guide you.

Spend some time creating your own Pinterest board before finalizing your color choice; this is a great way to visualize each of your options before settling on a final design.


We hope you’re inspired to make your front entry or even garage doors pop!


Images via Pinterest with the exception of New England Home and Garden watermarked photos.

About the Authors

As West Coast transplants, Debbie Green and Snowy Eischen met by happenstance in their small Massachusetts town, and discovered they had a lot in common, including a vibrant family life, and a mutual love of creating beautiful homes and gardens. The seeds of their blog, New England Home and Garden: Family Life Through the Seasons were planted when they began attending antiques fairs, show houses, open gardens, and planning unique and creative parties for families in their village. They’re passionate about photography, styling, and home staging, all with New England flair!