ProGroup Contracting is dedicated to providing the highest quality painting work with the best possible service to our customers. With ProGroup Contracting, you get a quality experience that is unique in the painting business — and you get that experience at competitive prices.
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1193 Ashley Blvd., Rear

New Bedford, MA 02745


Core Values

Do what you say and finish what you start, is one of the Core Values we at ProGroup Contracting live by.

A Message From Our Owner

“We are a people business,” says Dave Moura, President of ProGroup Contracting.  We offer a service to our clients to help repair and maintain their properties. What sets us apart from our competitors, is that we go beyond offering more than just our services. We offer our full support every day, until it’s finished!

At ProGroup Contracting, every estimate we provide to our customers is free, but this doesn’t mean that we take them any less seriously.  Each estimate is more than just a number to us because there is always someone on the other end waiting for it.  We don’t think of it as just another job we have to do or just another estimate we need to run.  We think of each estimate as a person, and that you can’t let that person down.  Whatever you’re waiting for: an estimate, a job completion date or even just a phone call, we will make sure you receive it.

Each one of our talented and dedicated employees lives by these Core Values from the beginning to the end of each project.  Our clients are not just “a job” to us, they are part of our ProGroup family.