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The title Holiday Gifts for Your Commercial Property on top of a wooden floor with presents.

Holiday Gifts For Your Commercial Property

With the holidays nearing, our minds are quickly preparing for everything from holiday parties to winter weather. And for most of us, we’re also thinking about giving. Despite the enjoyment we get from giving gifts to others, we think you should take this year to surprise your commercial property with some of its own gifts.

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite holiday surprises that are sure to brighten and replenish your commercial property.

  1. WiFi for Common Areas

The goal of your commercial property is to make guests or residents feel as comfortable as possible. This includes giving them the amenities to make their lives easier. If your budget is tight, but you want to make a minor upgrade, installing WiFi in common areas will encourage guests to utilize those spaces better and surprise them with some good quality connection.

  1. A Fresh Coat of Paint

So, maybe you’ve been holding off painting the inside of your property until it gets noticeably worn, but this is a time to celebrate. Unless you’ve recently painted, a new paint color can refresh the space, add value and change the entire look of the property.

  1. A Lingering Renovation


Know that one thing that you keep saying you’ll get to, but just haven’t found a great reason to get it started? Treat your residence and visitors to that new fence you’ve been promising, lighting updates or even new flooring.

  1. Window Upgrades

Especially for those in the New England area, window upgrades can be a pleasant present for the winter months. Invest in windows that will sufficiently insulate, keeping guests warm and help save a good chunk of change on heating.

  1. New Molding

Choosing new molding may be the equivalent of getting socks for Christmas, but hear us out. Despite being seemingly unexciting, like those socks, new molding ends up being practical, adds a bit of flare and can even make spaces feel a little homier.


Some commercial property renovations are just too much for one person. Don’t risk it. Instead, consider hiring a professional, or check out this list of renovations that landlords should and shouldn’t go at alone.