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We are always providing our partners with new and fresh ideas. Our team of experts have created a variety of Tips & Tricks, Property Maintenance Solutions, Know How’s and other valuable content to guide you in the right direction. Here, you can also learn more about ProGroup Contracting’s community outreach activities and internal team initiatives!

maintain your hotel occupancy

How To Maintain Your Hotel’s Occupancy Through All Seasons

Maintain your hotel's occupancy through all seasons with renovation If you’re in the hospitality business, you know the industry comes ...
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attract more buyers to your retail store

Attract More Buyers to Your Retail Store With a Painting Renovation or Remodel

Attract more buyers by remodeling your retail business We know you want to attract more customers and more business to ...
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Which Multifamily Unit Renovations Offer the Best ROI

Renovations to increase ROI in your multifamily unit If you are a property owner, you’re probably thinking what renovations you ...
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how to renovate the kitchen in your multifamily unit

How to Renovate the Kitchen in Your Multifamily Unit

Modern on a Budget- Renovating the Kitchen of Your Multifamily Unit Are you looking to upgrade your multifamily units, but ...
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Flooring material for your rental unit

Flooring Material to Consider for Your Rental Unit

When choosing flooring for an apartment building, there’s a variety of options to pick from, all having pros and cons ...
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bathroom design for your multifamily unit

Bathroom Design Ideas for Your Multifamily Unit

Bathrooms are an essential part of a multifamily unit. They are more than just a washroom. For some, it is ...
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ProGroup what to expect from kitchen design

What To Expect From Kitchen Designs This Year

The kitchen is used multiple times a day so why wouldn’t you want it to look as nice as possible ...
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Commercial renovation mistakes

The Most Common Commercial Renovation Mistakes (Infographic)

As a property owner, you choose your investments wisely. In the end, you need your investment to be worth it ...
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How to Find the Best Contractor – The Essential Checklist for Work on a Multi-Family Unit

Building maintenance and repairs can get very expensive very fast. If you don’t know how to do the job, hiring ...
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The Most Affordable Kitchen Countertop Material For Your Multi-Family Unit

Picking an affordable countertop material for residential spaces can be tricky. As a property manager, you might think perking up ...
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interior paint colors 2019

10 Best Interior Paint Colors For 2019

It’s spring, meaning it’s time for change and brand new colors in your home or commercial space. Your space should ...
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Top 5 Renovations & Repairs for College Campuses

5 Popular College Campus Summer Renovations & Repairs

Be on the lookout for these popular summer renovations and repairs…. College students are out of school for the Summer ...
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