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bathroom design for your multifamily unit

Bathroom Design Ideas for Your Multifamily Unit

Bathrooms are an essential part of a multifamily unit. They are more than just a washroom. For some, it is a place for refreshment and renewal. It can be a sanctuary, an escape from everyday place, a place to relax and get reinvigorated. They are extremely important and property managers that are thinking of ways to charge top dollar for their rentals should take this into account. If designed right, it can be a place made for relaxation, with tasteful material, colors and textures, even if it is small.

We have included the most popular (and interesting) bathroom design ideas that any property manager can use to update their multifamily unit and increase the rent they will receive.

Keep reading to find out more about the best bathroom design ideas for a multifamily unit.


Think About The Design

For bathrooms of multifamily units to really stand out, you should think about their design. You could choose a contemporary design, that involves clean lines, metal accents, tile and simple color palette. Sometimes, light and dark elements are used to create contrast, but simplicity is the point of this design.

Another popular design idea for bathrooms is a modern style, with bold, strong, straight lines. Usually you can find materials such as stone, porcelain and teak in this design style, making it perfect for the modern unit that surrounds them.


wooden floating vanity in a white bathroom, black flooring

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Floating Shelves and Vanities

Narrow floating shelves are a great idea for bathrooms in a multifamily unit because they take up little room but provide ample storage. The same goes for floating vanities. They will give the illusion of space, while keeping the style modern and clean.

People renting apartments are always looking for that glorious space, so this will definitely help make the space look more appealing. Since they are floating, the shelves and vanities leave floor space available under them for other storage solutions that the renters can buy.

Like we said, it’s all about space. Take into account this next idea when designing bathroom countertops


Extended Countertop

Countertop space is essential in any bathroom, especially for families. But doing this in a small space can be tricky. Instead of extending the full countertop across the wall and losing space, thing about creating a small ledge. This makes it perfect for smaller pieces of bathroom essentials, like makeup or toiletries.


Built-In Shelves

Having built-in shelves in a bathroom spaces provides an opportunity for the renter to be creative and put anything they want there, as well as offering a practical storage solution.

The good thing about built-in shelves is that no wall space is too skinny for them. You can create big or small options and skinny options and it’s generally pretty easy to retrofit a bath with recessed units, especially if you can place them between wall studs.

Another similar product is vanity cabinets, which resemble shelves, but offer hidden space, making the bathroom look much tidier and not stealing any necessary space.


Think about color as well. This next bathroom idea tells you just how to do that.


Light Color Palette

A good idea with any bathroom in an apartment unit is to use a consistent color palette. To make the space look larger than it is, it is recommended to always use a light color palette. White or light-colored walls and flooring with a light wood vanity will amplify a simple, modern bathroom.


stand up shower in a brown bathroom wooden floor

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Stand Up Showers

If space is your concern when it comes to your multifamily unit, think of opting in for a standup shower instead of a bathtub. This helps to conserve space and allow for more design and free flowing room in the bathroom. They are also so much easier to clean and easier for people with mobility issues or of older age. They also use less water than that of filling out a tub.


When renting out a multifamily unit, it’s important to think about what will create the most appeal, and bathrooms are certainly that. People renting out units are usually thinking of how it will suit their lifestyles and a bathroom can make or break the decision. So next time you are thinking of renovating the bathrooms in your apartment building, make sure to take these design ideas into account. They will definitely make the room eye catching and will insure you can get top dollar for rent.


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