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7 retail remodeling ideas

The 7 Retail Store Remodeling Ideas That Will Impress Your Shoppers

Shopping has now become all about the experience. It is important to keep up with what shoppers want, but this can sometimes be tricky. To do this correctly, retailers need to understand that the way to a shopper’s heart is through the senses, most importantly, the eyes. Retailers need to create a memorable visual experience, which includes everything from store design, customer activities to the way products are displayed.

So, how can retailers deliver an impactful visual experience? We have prepared for you 7 ideas to help create an inspiring experience.


Read on to discover the 7 remodeling ideas that will impress your shoppers


The Impact of Window Displays

First things first. Window displays are the first things your customers see, so they should be impactful. Think about being different and creative with these displays, like for example creating brightly colored installations or displaying different types of mannequins. Remember, you are trying to create a visual experience, so the more sensory experience there is, the more likely you’ll be to draw customers into your store.


Create Hybrid Spaces

Today’s shoppers are increasingly diverse and with this comes diverse interests. Creating hybrid, or mixed-use spaces helps bring together varied interests. Think about creating pop-ups and other experiences for shoppers to browse through your stores in a different way. For example, try bringing some elements of your store outside and have your shoppers browse through them.  By moving spaces, you can create an environment where consumers can interact with your products without the pressure to buy.


Use Your Products As Design Elements

Not all products belong on a shelf, nor should they be confined there. Try bringing your products to life by making them design elements. Some stores use their products to add textures to their walls and ceilings. This approach showcases the product in two ways: as a form and a function. This helps shoppers see your product in a different way and imagine your products outside the store.


This next idea will definitely create an impact!


Use Your Space to Tell A Story

Creating a customer journey through your store can help you to create an experience that will reinforce your brand story. A story throughout your store makes a customer feel like they’re completing an adventure. Try incorporating multimedia visual elements into your store to engage customers across multiple senses. This will only strengthen your brand and pull customers in.

Make sure to set your shopper’s journey. Place your high-value product in the front, since shoppers determine your store’s value in the first feet of space. Then, lead your shopper to the right, since 90% of consumers turn right unconsciously when they enter the store. Therefore, this is where your “power wall” should be. A power wall displays your new products, so try to point your shopper here. Then, all essentials should be in the back. Staple products or clearance items should be in the back, directing your customers here. Finally, make sure you have at least several wide aisles (the minimum is 4, depending on the size of your store) since shoppers will avoid entering an aisle where they feel cluttered or might bump into someone.

Think about the style in which you organize your space too. You need to set up your store in a way that the shopper can cover and browse the whole space. For example

  • Grid Style: Organizes items and controls the shopper’s path through the store
  • Free-Flow Style: Encourages browsing and has more unique displays
  • Loop Style: Exposes shoppers to more merchandise
  • Angular Style: This type of setup is more used for specialty stores that have curated selections.


Tinker With Minimalism

We know, we’re telling you to create an impactful experience and we’re talking minimalism?! But in retail, sometimes less is more. Tinker with minimalism and create a minimalist, yet engaging space. This type of design creates a “breathable” space that can help you focus on your key products. Shoppers will appreciate this and will be impacted by the difference in this design compared to cluttered shops. Making your product the star will also allow them to engage more directly with it with minimal distraction.


This next step idea is crucial, don’t miss it!


Remember The Lighting!

Lighting should never be an afterthought when it comes to store design. They should be top-priority because they help to enhance the retail environment and highlight top products. Lighting can also help influence the mood of your shoppers, so retailers need to understand how to use lighting to shape their customer experience. Use neon colors or backlights to enhance your displays. Display lighting can also help illuminate your store, therefore providing function on top of emphasizing products.

Think about the type of lighting you want to display your products in. They create different highlights. For example, spotlights focus more attention on specific products. Backlights give products a glow. High activity lights cover the entire store. A warm temperature light creates an inviting space and cool temperature lights create a larger-looking space.

Think carefully about the color of your lighting too. Shoppers base their decision to purchase a product based on color. Think about the tone you want to display your products in and tailor your light to that tone. Each color expresses a mood and a tone. For example,

  • Blue expresses trust
  • Green is relaxing
  • Red is energetic
  • Yellow is youthful
  • Black is powerful
  • Pink is romantic
  • Orange is aggressive
  • Purple is calming


Enhance Customer Experience with Virtual Reality

The way to brand engagement these days is VR. Using VR can help you reach new targets, like the tech-savvy Gen Z’ers. Create an enhanced customer experience by using the existing visuals of your store and enhancing it with VR.

 As you think about remodeling your retail store to create a more impactful experience for your shoppers, think of these tips we just presented you, from lighting tips to window displays. The idea of creating a whole customer experience through your store can seem daunting, but using one or two of these ideas and adapting them to your store can create an engaging customer experience that will have your shoppers coming back for more.


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