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The title words 6 Winter Renovation Tips over white frozen ground

6 Tips To Conquer Winter Renovations

It’s common for people to shy away from renovating during the winter months, but winter is actually an underutilized time for interior renovations. Use the cold months to take advantage of an influx in contractors with more flexible schedules and often reduced rates. Come summer, you’ll have time to focus on external renovations and simply enjoy your space. Here’s how to get the job done right during the winter.

winter renovation tips

Keep it Small

Winter can be unpredictable, so keep to one or two small projects at a time to ensure it gets done and is finished correctly. Don’t attempt a kitchen and living room complete renovation at once. Try splitting each renovation into smaller tasks like flooring, cabinets or painting.

Keep it Organized

Take the fall to plan your winter renovation as best you can. Consider buying and receiving deliveries of bigger equipment and products earlier in case of inclement weather when renovation starts.

Keep It Clear

winter renovation tips

If snow and ice are common in your area, make sure to have a safe path for your contractors to move about. Shovel walkways and salt slippery spots that could result in injuries and delays.

Keep It Cozy

Make sure to keep the heat and hot water on consistently to avoid freezing pipes that could delay internal renovations and lead to costly issues. Keep this in mind for houses and properties that may be seasonal and closed in the winter.

Keep It Polite

Daylight in the winter is hard to come by, driving people to go to bed earlier and wake up late. Be mindful of this adjusted schedule and try to coordinate construction to be done during work and daylight hours.

Keep It Professional

Hiring a professional for renovations is the best way to guarantee the job is done quickly, within budget, safely and correctly. If you’re looking for winter renovations, contact us today for a quote.


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