Put that Paint Brush Down: Here’s What You Need to Know Before Buying Paint


Choosing a paint requires a lot more thought than just picking out a color you like. Here are the exact questions you should be asking before making a purchase.


5 Easy Steps to Creating Interiors That Flow


If you're struggling with how to incorporate color into the different rooms in your home for a cohesive look, Debbie & Snowy from New England Home & Garden: Family Life Through The Seasons have pulled together 5 tips to help you harmonize your color choices!


Why You Should Be Thinking About Painting Your Home


Did you know that painting your dining room purple could increase your home's value by nearly $1,100? See how else painting your house could turn a profit for you in the long run! 


Don’t Miss Out: The Spaces You Might Not Have Thought to Paint


Want to add a unique touch to your home? Paint some of the more unexpected places. Read this article to find out which area you should paint first!


Why You Need to Hire a Painting Contractor for Your Next Project


Hiring a painting contractor to help you out on your next project is a great investment for many reasons. Learn why you should put down that roller and pick up the phone in this post!


Thinking Outside the Paint Can: Using Bold Color On Your Home’s Exterior


If you're toying with the idea of going bold with your exterior paint color, Debbie & Snowy from New England Home & Garden: Family Life Through The Seasons have pulled together some instagram-worthy inspiration from historic New England homes!


Not Painting Your House When It’s Needed, May Come Back to Haunt You


Have you been putting of re-painting your home? We have a few reasons why you should reconsider and start planning to paint ASAP!


Spruce up Your Office Space: Where to Shop


A newly painted office can give the space a whole new vibe. Now is the time to update the rest of the office with new art, furniture and desk accessories. Here are the best places to find office decor!


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